City of Madrid
Bienvenido, Madrid hugs you

We promote tourism through the authenticity and warmth of the Spanish people

Because the city of Madrid is made up of the same people who live there. This was the idea that led us to win the public competition for the digital communication management of the capital Tourism Office.

Experience creates value

Our strength was to be able to see beyond the touristic attractions and think about the experience that the traveller can have. We have therefore focused attention on the human value of the city, distinguishing it from other European capitals.
If we were already in love with Madrid, we are even more in love now
Working with the Public Administration involves great complexity, but when this is the capital of a nation like Spain, everything becomes much more delicate but at the same time fascinating.

The correct mix of method and creativity

One of the most important challenges of this project is to find the perfect balance between the communication rules, the timing and methods of the tourism field, while respecting a political message.

We are consultants, producers and communication managers for worldwide incoming tourists

We manage the social media channels of the Tourism office in 5 languages.
We produce advertising campaigns online and offline.
We post more than 200 contents every month.
We realize more than 50 photo and video shootings every year.