We run every day to promote the wellness experience on the web

From 2017 we have been communicating with over 660.000 fans

Managing all their digital channels communities: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. We are daily monitoring users sentiment, speak with them in 6 different languages (Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German), we answer to any query or assistance request.

Social Lead Generation

We constantly intercept any requests for commercial contact or expressions of interest by social media users, and we qualify, classify and address them to the sales teams in the reference countries for the development of the Lead. 

We analyse and protect the digital reputation of the brand

A bi-weekly digital & social observatory
We examine all the engagement data found on digital channels and social conversations related to the brand. We produce two weekly reports to have under control the updating status of digital properties.
Digital marketing and Editorial Plan for 16 countries
We have realized the restyling, content and spread of direct email marketing (DEM), newsletters, landing pages, banner adv and mini sites for all the countries where Technogym is present. We have also planned a complete and engaging editorial plan able to involve a fan base all over the world.