Vodafone TV
Take a seat on the sofa… the show is guaranteed

TV as you've never seen it before

A platform that brings together the best available content in Italy in a single set-top box. Films, TV series, sports, documentaries,  children contents and on demand live shows, accessible at home and on the go.

Change the way you watch TV

In a world where content wins out over everything, we have developed a hardware and software infrastructure able to standardize the content flows into a single video platform: the Vodafone TV.
Mom said don’t watch too much TV. We haven’t listened to her!
From 2016 we have been coordinating and monitoring all the Vodafone TV flows, that come from various sources, including Sky, Netflix, Infinity (Mediaset), NowTV, CHILI, DeAgostini, Discovery, Viacom, La7, and not only. Every day we process an average of 5.200 contents, among which complete films and TV series, all with a 100% correct margin. 

A control room inside our headquarters, where flows and quality of service are constantly monitored.