As is the tractor, such is the yield

Xtractor Around the World

Four really special protagonists: red, powerful, super-technological and green friendly. These are the ingredients of Xtractor, Multichannel Content conceived and produced by ID-ENTITY for McCormick.
The ambitious goal was immediately the World Tour, shipping after shipping, on board of a tractor.

“Even a thousand miles journey begins with one step”

- Lao Tzu
Argo Tractors wanted to strengthen its global visibility
We have proposed them a new path, not yet travelled, perfect for emphasizing the technical capabilities and performance of their product. What we have achieved is much more than a simple visibility project, it’s a real adventure.
Project's numbers
4 tractors
6 pick-ups
19 people
5 communication channels (TV, Facebook, Instagram, Media Relation and Merchandising)
4k broadcast production around the world

2016 Australia: 8.500 km
2018 Sud Africa: 8.000 km

2020 the engines are already on

The Xtractor team is ready to leave for another trip around the world!
Stay Tuned!